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Reclaimed Wood Beams

These original beauties they have been holding up private barns and textile mills throughout the country and served as critical structures for the families and corporations of yesteryear.  Now they have become a magnificent addition to modern architecture. .

Nothing beats the warmth of aged reclaimed timbers in the ceiling, smiling down with their history of holding up a dairy barn in Ohio, a printing facility in Chickamauga, or a textile plant in Rhode Island.

We stock our yard with the best quality timbers from demo sites all over the country.  Available in a myriad of sizes and lengths, they all have their own story to tell and you can tell it for them.  Bring your list with you and let us help pick out your favorite ones.  With our very own sawmill, we can score one face of your timbers to allow a snug fit to the ceiling or wall....up to 20' in length.

Ceiling Beams
Cypress Boxed Beams

Real Wood Ceiling Beams in Atlanta

If you aren't into the authentic pieces we also offer cypress and white pine for a cleaner look.  Cypress contains cypressine which is a natural oil that protects it from mold, mildew, insects and rot.  Those properties also make it a superior product for outdoor applications like exposed timbers, pool houses, a trellis, porch timbers and more.

Boxed wood beams in Atlanta

Solid beam not the answer? We also offer boxed beams.  We custom fabricate and finish them in our shop and will work with you the whole way to get them just they way you imagined.  Custom distressing and coloring along with installation are also available.  Our craftsmen are experts at making them look just like a solid timber.  If we're good enough to build 78 of them for the Atlanta Braves at SunTrust Park, we're probably good enough for whatever's next.

Braves owners' lounge at Suntrust

Reclaimed or new, solid or boxed, we'll give your wood beams custom finish and will deliver and install them.  At Atlanta Specialty Woods, you can work with ONE company for ALL of your needs.


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