Boxed Beams in Atlanta, GA

We can bring your vision to life with reclaimed wood.

Are you interested in boxed beams and incorporating them into your home? At Atlanta Specialty Woods, we specialize in producing stunning boxed beams. We are here to help you transform your home or commercial building with specialty wood products. Boxed beams can add incredible beauty to any home or business with their unique and elegant appearance. The Atlanta Specialty Woods professionals are committed to using our longstanding expertise to produce gorgeous boxed beams for your home or office. 

We have years of experience creating boxed beams with our charming specialty woods. Our team can walk you through the process and work with you to find your piece's ideal style, wood, and placement. Atlanta Specialty woods makes the process seamless from start to finish with every project we take on. Contact Atlanta Specialty Woods for more information on services!

What are boxed beams?

A boxed beam is hollow on the inside and made of three individual pieces of wood that are nailed together to form what looks like a solid beam. Box beams offer a wide range of options to enhance the look of your room. 

What are the benefits of boxed beams? 

They add beauty 

One of the main advantages of boxed beams is that they are gorgeous and can completely transform your home or office. Box beams can create a visually interesting room and offer many advantages. They can act as a focal point for your ceiling and bring the entire room together.

Add support

Boxed beams are known for their ability to add support to your roof and can enhance the decorative aspect of your property. If you want quality pieces in your home and add uniqueness to any room, boxed beams can check all of those boxes. 

They can hide cables

Do you have wires and cables running through your home and want them to be covered up? If so, boxed beams can bring your goals to fruition. These beams give your home a stylish look while covering up internet or light cables. 


Our mantels come in a stunning array of species, finishes, and textures.  Here are just a few:

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With over ten years in business, we are committed to unmatched service and quality craftsmanship with every project we take on. For more information on our Mantels from Reclaimed Wood, contact Atlanta Woods today.

Georgia Cypress Mantel

Every client is different, just like our products, so we also offer mantels from newer wood products like cypress and white pine to give a solid timber look without the obvious signs of age. 

Our selection is unmatched and our inventory is constantly changing. 


Call or stop by to see what's in stock!


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