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Boxed Beams
Reclaimed Wooden Beams

These original beauties they have been holding up private barns and textile mills throughout the country and served as critical structures for the families and corporations of yesteryear.  Now they have become a magnificent addition to modern architecture. .

At Atlanta Specialty Woods, we are a fully-equipped woodshop providing design, fabrication, finishing, delivery, and installation of boxed beams and other specialty woods products. Boxed beams can add stunning beauty to any home or business with their unique and elegant appearance. The professionals at Atlanta Specialty Woods are committed to using our longstanding expertise to produce gorgeous boxed beams for your home or office. Whether you have an idea of what you want or need some assistance from our staff, Atlanta Specialty Woods can accommodate your needs. We have years of experience creating boxed beams with our charming specialty woods. Our team can walk you through the process and work with you to find the ideal style, wood, and placement of your piece. 

Boxed beams are made of three individual pieces of wood that are nailed together to form what looks like a solid beam. A boxed beam is hollow on the inside and is an excellent way to improve a room's visuals. Box beams offer a wide range of options to enhance the look of your room. Box beams offer several different features that are different from traditional structural beams. We break down a few of them below:


  • Boxed beams can enhance the appearance of your room with their unique style

  • They are easier to install

  • Boxed beams are ideal for decorative pieces

  • Box beams weigh less than other traditional beams and require less structural support

  • Lighting can be added to box beams 

  • Box beams can wrap existing support beams for added flair

These are just a few of the benefits of using box beams as accents within your home or office. At Atlanta Specialty Woods, our skilled craftsmen create custom pieces that will flow seamlessly throughout your home or office. We bring your vision to life with high-quality services. The Atlanta Specialty Woods team is passionate about crafting extraordinary boxed beams with specialty woods that tell a story. We stock our yard with the best quality timbers from demo sites all over the country. Available in a myriad of sizes and lengths, they all have their own story to tell, and you can tell it for them. When you want to fill your home or business with unique timber, look to Atlanta Specialty Woods. 

Our staff of craftsmen takes every measure to make the process seamless from start to finish so that you can enjoy your new boxed beams. We custom fabricate and finish them in our shop and work with you the whole way to get them just the way you imagined. Custom distressing and coloring along with installation are also available. Our craftsmen are experts at making them look just like solid timber. Reclaimed or new, solid or boxed, we'll give your wood beams custom finish and will deliver and install them. At Atlanta Specialty Woods, you can work with ONE company for ALL of your needs. Contact Atlanta Specialty Woods for more information on our boxed beams! 

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