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We offer many options for stunning wall accents. Genuine reclaimed barnwood can be applied to any wall or ceiling to provide rich tones and textures.

We're always cycling through different options for wall material so gather up your dimensions and come see us for something truly unique.


We also carry cypress gray wood which comes in 4" - 8" widths and lengths up to 16'. This material is not a genuine reclaimed product but has become very popular for its natural gray/silver/pewter patina along with circle saw marks.  We use it for barn door construction, walls, ceilings, wrapping kitchen islands, vent hoods, boxed beams and even shelves.  The work-ability and resistance to bugs and water make cypress a front-runner for all kinds of projects. 

For the more discerning client we offer the Japanese technique known as Shou Sugi Ban.  This is the charring of the wood's surface with a torch to seal the pores and creates a resistance to bugs, water enough.  This leaves the wood very dark and can be brushed and finished with oils - clear or pigmented to give it a custom color mixed with the dark elements left behind from the charring.  Truly a stunning highlight of any space.


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