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Our History of Wood in Kennesaw, GA


Atlanta Specialty Woods was founded in January of 2009 by G. Christian Spencer, a native resident of Marietta, Georgia. 


After 10 years in the golf business, Mr. Spencer finished his communications degree at Kennesaw State University and went to work for a business reclaiming antique heart pine.  He was the general manager for the 30-year-old company and helped it grow from $600K gross sales to $1.7M in just two years.  After three years with that company, Mr. Spencer left to start his own company, with new ideals and a totally different mindset.

Thus, in January of 2009, Atlanta Specialty Woods was born.


No different from many new companies, ASW began operating with no warehouse and just a few samples in a pickup truck.  Clients began to put a premium on choosing material in person and the search for the first warehouse was underway.  In 2010, an 800-square foot warehouse was found in Marietta, and Mr. Spencer, along with a contractor friend of his, moved in together to share the space; Mr. Spencer selling wood and the friend in the glass cleaning business.

Experiencing steady grown of his new business, Mr. Spencer needed help, which he found through friends and local staffing agencies.  The company continued to grow and the two roommates found a building in Kennesaw, GA, which was four-times the size.  They shared that building and ASW kept growing: so quickly that the roommate was forced to find a new building due to the growth of ASW and how it was taking over 75% of the Kennesaw building, which was supposed to a 50/50 split.

ASW continued to be the best source for reclaimed wood within 100 miles of Atlanta.  Clients were wanting projects to be built by ASW, so we began fabrication in 2013.

We have gotten better people and better equipment in place since then and the products have been amazing.  Now, we have passed $1M annual gross sales and are still growing!

Eager Participants to Help Out Good ol’ Dad

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