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What Are Mushroom Boards?


Truly Unique Wood that Comes from Growing Mushrooms

These are pieces of raw Hemlock or Cypress lumber that are used for the cultivation of mushrooms where several inches of soil, fertilizer, manure and the spores are mixed together and after 30+ years and millions of mushrooms the organic activity leaves the most amazing and unique texture of any natural wood product on the market.

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Don’t Run All Over Town Looking for Vendors, Fielding Bids, and Checking References.

Atlanta Specialty Woods Is a One-Stop Shop:

We Supply!

Our in-stock supply is unmatched and constantly changing; stop by and see what you find!


We Build!

If you can can dream it, we can make it.

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We Install!

Our craftsmen are the best of the best.  Let us help you complete your vision!

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