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Cypress Boxed Beams
Treated with Shou Sugi Ban Technique
and Wax-finished

Japanese Technique Known as Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban wood technique is one of a kind. The charring of the wood's surface with a torch creates a unique and durable finish that resists bugs, water, and fire. This technique gives the wood a striking dark appearance with hints of natural grain. We offer a range of finishes with clear and pigmented oils to highlight the richness of the wood. Truly a stunning highlight of any space. 

gray wood.jpg
  • Why is it called live edge wood?
    A live edge wood slab retains the uncut edge of the tree it was made from, keeping its natural beauty and giving it an organic, flowing aesthetic.
  • What can live edge wood slabs be used for?
    Live edge wood slab is popular anywhere a large, flat surface is needed, but a natural or rustic look also is desired, such as tables, desks, bars, shelves, and mantel pieces.
  • How much do live edge wood slabs cost?
    Pricing depends on the type of wood and the footage needed. We offer 20-25% off select live edge wood items in stock. Call or visit for details.
  • How do you keep the bark on a live edge slab?
    Your best bet is a pour over epoxy resin if you want to keep the bark on the live edge. Polyurethan could work, too, but it isn't quite as strong. Oils and waxes can seal the wood, but they won't be durable enough to keep the bark in place like epoxy would.

Shou Sugi Ban FAQ

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