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Reclaimed wood is just that – reclaimed. Reclaimed also means recycled or to rescue from an undesirable state. In other words, this is used lumber that we have chosen to be worthy of reviving and putting back into use and not occupy precious landfill space.

It is important to understand that when dealing with this type of material there will be obvious signs of serving a previous purpose. Most of these timbers served as structural members or other components of old buildings and barns and will have signs of such responsibilities.

These signs include nails and nail holes, bolts and bolt holes, worm holes, mortise pockets, tenon spots, plugs, cracks, checks, splits, twisting, warping, bowing, color variations, texture variations, imperfect sizes and dimensions, bugs, dirt and other aspects inherent to recycled lumber products. Atlanta Specialty Woods uses strict discretion when searching for materials capable of reuse.

We attempt to minimize the most severe defects to bring you the most charming and sound materials possible. We take all necessary measures to prevent any wood destroying organisms from surviving in our hand hewn timbers.

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