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13,000 ft of Reclaimed Wood Just in Fresh from Leetonia, OH

Limited Supply, pick from a wide selection while you can. Oak, Hickory, Poplar, perfect for mantels, ceiling beams and cased openings and many more uses!

Mushroom Board, Cherry and Black Walnut

Enormous and beautiful live edge White Oak


We have three live edge white oak slabs that have just been flattened to a thickness of 2 inches.

These pieces are ready to go.

Kiln dried and loaded with figure.

Maximum width is 48 inches.

Minimum width is over 30 inches.

9’ to 10’ + long.

These will make stunning conference tables or dining tables...

Priced to move!!!

Reclaimed-resawn Barnwood


Reclaimed-resawn barnwood in 3" - 8" widths with lots of original patina.

This has been milled to net 3/8" thickness and is square on the ends/edges for easy installation.  Perfect for walls, ceilings, wrapping kitchen islands, vent hoods, headboards and other accents.


Sold in nested bundles of 35 sf to 60 sf per bundle.

Pricing based on selection and size of order.

Live Edge Slabs Fresh Out of the Kiln - Poplar, Red Oak, Black Gum


Gray Cypress Timbers!


We just received more gray cypress timbers and 4"x4"x8' pieces that are perfect for table legs.

The cypress beams are heavy in the 6"x8" dimensions up to 16' long and we have two 8"x8" x 16'.

New Load of #1 Antique Heart Pine Timbers

We just received 12,000 board feet of gorgeous antique heart pine timbers from the Brunswick-Balke-Collander Company circa 1884.

This mill was built in 1884 in Chicago and served as the largest billiard equipment manufacturer in the world.

There were other businesses in the plant and the entire history of it is in the above link.


These timbers range from 6" x 8" up to 8" x 16" and lengths up to 25'.

If you back date the age of the building and count the rings in these old-growth timbers you will find that these timbers are 400 - 600 years old.

We've got 12,000 board feet of them that will become decorative timbers, mantels, floating shelves, custom tables, flooring and millwork and more.


BRUNSWICK-BALKE-COLLENDER COMPANY. By 1884, Brunswick a Chicago-based company, joined with rivals to become “The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company,” the largest billiard equipment operation in the world, larger than all its competitors combined. Expansion of the product line included elaborate and ornate front and back bars made of rich woods, flawless mirrors, and stained glass.

Originally offered as special order items, these items developed such demand that in 1911 a new factory was built in Dubuque, Iowa. Work began in June and when completed the plant encompassed 35 acres. The property was conveyed by the CHICAGO GREAT WESTERN RAILROAD from land which had been used for division terminals in the city. Brunswick agreed to construct a building costing at least $150,000 of which &75,000 was to be given by the DUBUQUE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION. The company also agreed to hire five hundred male employees the first year. (1) Brunswick insisted that those employed belong to the union affiliated with the line of work for which they were hired. By January 1913 the company hoped to have 1,000 workers. (2)

Read More Here

Red Oak Slabs Fresh out of the Kiln.

We have some beautiful red oak slabs fresh out of the kiln that measure 2 in thick up to 18 in wide and up to 12 ft long.

Come see us at Atlanta Specialty Woods.


Sweet Gum and Poplar!

We also received some dry sweet gum and poplar slabs that measure up to 3 in thick and up to 26 in wide up to 13 ft long.

Come see us at Atlanta Specialty Woods.

We just unloaded 2,000 ft² of our Resawn Barn Wood.

A beautiful mix of brown and gray colors with saw marks and nail holes left over from their prior use as authentic barn siding.

This material is 3/8 of an inch thick and up to 8 in wide with 8-ft maximum lengths.

These are available in nested bundles from 30 ft² up to 50 ft² per bundle.

The perfect material for walls and ceilings and with the ease of installation you can have your project done before Mother's Day...!

Come see us at Atlanta Specialty Woods.


4 PC's of 1.5" x 12" x 38.5" with one live edge.

New Cypress gray wood packs and the Cypress timbers!


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