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How Mantels Can Add Beauty, Character, and Functionality to Your Space

If you are keen to add character, beauty, and functionality to your space, mantels can be the game-changer. From antique pine mantels to oaks, mantels have a unique ability to enhance the beauty and warmth of any space. 

Come into our info-filled journey on mantels and critical points of their aesthetic and practical appeal:

Revamp your entire space in one go

A mantelpiece is excellent for bringing new life into your space without dipping your hands deep into your pockets for a big renovation.

They're easy to install and can fasten to your wall or just above your fireplace. The decorative surrounds complement the overall design, beckoning everyone to sit up and take notice. 

Keep the TV and adjoining wall protected

You get more functions from your mantel and more protection for your walls and TV. Traditionally, mantels were designed to prevent smoke from flowing out and upwards into the room, which could pose health risks. Modern mantels fulfill this function while also protecting the walls from stains.

You can also protect electronics from heat or smoke damage by installing your mantel at least 12 inches above the top of the fireplace opening, per the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) regulations. 

Variety of designs to enhance aesthetics and character 

At Atlanta Specialty Woods, we have a selection of stunning mantels for sale. Whether you prefer a classic design or a more modern look, our skilled craftsman can create a custom mantel that complements your interior style and reflects your taste. 

Display personal items and decor 

If you need additional space, a floating wood mantel can provide free mounting space for books, small storage containers, or antiques. 

Feel free to display your favorite masterpieces, souvenirs, and festive decor at all times of the year, depending on the events and mood! You can attach corbels for added support and decorative effects delivered in the same finish as your mantel.

Added property valuation

Should you decide to sell your home, a well-designed and alluring mantel is the apple of potential homebuyers' eyes. The stunning piece will be the first to greet them as they step into your living space and are drawn to its charm. You'll be better able to sell for more money this way!

Get the finest custom wood mantel in Atlanta

Getting a mantel doesn't have to be a hassle. At Atlanta Specialty Woods, we can make your mantel exactly how you want it, taking your specific dimensions and an inspirational photo to guide you through your decision.

With our quality craftsmanship, we've played a big part in the transformative power of mantels in businesses and institutions across Atlanta, like the lobby of Georgia State University. Homes, like Steve and Gina’s in Kennesaw, are not left out. We stand ready to do the same for your space. Request a quote today to get started!  


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