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How to Integrate a Custom Barn Door Into Your Space

As the name implies, barn doors were originally created for farmers with sizeable barns who needed doors that didn't swing on hinges, allowing for the easy entry and exit of livestock.

Today, custom barn doors are all the rage in home design, as they're highly versatile and have a timeless look that suits interior spaces. Here are the top ways to integrate a custom barn door into your space:

Covering your pantry

An effective way to integrate barn doors into your space is to install them as a cover for a walk-in or open pantry. As the doors easily slide back and forth, it's easy to access your pantry and close it when it's not in use. 

It's also a great way to keep the kids and pets from messing up the space when you're not around. Alternatively, you can use it as a chalkboard door to keep inventory, lists, and meal plans. 

Carriage doors in garages

With the right custom home builder, you can use barn doors in garages to give the space a classic country look.

The installation can range in style from rustic interior design to a more modern, minimalist aesthetic to help match the interior theme of your home to the exterior style.

Hide your bathroom

Your bathroom's appearance doesn't always match the overall aesthetic of the rest of your home, and traditional doors don't necessarily enhance the look.

With custom barn doors, you can say goodbye to unseemly doors swinging on hinges, which hinder your full access to the space within. Plus, the doors can be designed to match the theme of your home's interior while effectively concealing the bathroom.

Saving closet space

Regular swinging doors in closets mean you may be unable to use the space to the fullest. Plus, it can be a bit tricky when you have to clean out your closet or organize the contents inside.

With a custom barn door, you can say goodbye to this type of inconvenience and the awkward gaps behind the door. Plus, it looks much better!

Work with the #1 custom barn door company in Atlanta 

Custom barn doors can be designed to match the theme of your home, no matter the style. However, for the installation, it's essential to work with a professional woodworker and home design specialist. Contact us today for your custom barn door installation!


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