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Our Guide to Boxed Beams

If you desire the sleek, beautiful look of solid timber in your home or office without the excess weight, try boxed beams. 

What exactly are boxed beams? What are the benefits of boxed beams? Why are they more expensive than solid beams? Find answers to these and more below.  

What are boxed beams?

Boxed beams are hollow beams used to achieve the look and appearance of solid beams. They are striking pieces that can add stunning beauty to your home or business without the weight of solid beams. 

Boxed beams are delicately crafted by joining three pieces of individual wood with a hollow inside. They can be customized to fit your space's exact specifications and decor. 

The benefits of boxed beams

  • Enhances appearances

Boxed beams can be used purely for their aesthetics. With their clean lines and other features, they significantly elevate the visual appeal of any space. Boxed beams can offer a unique architectural interest regardless of your space's decor style. 

  • Hide unappealing structural elements 

If any unappealing structural elements detract from your space's beauty, boxed beams are an ideal concealing solution. They can wrap plumbing, electrical wiring, HVAC systems, and other unattractive elements, hiding them from view for an enhanced visual appeal. 

  • Wrap existing support beams

Support beams are mostly functional. However, boxed beams can be used to enhance their appearance, providing a decorative solution that adds flair to your existing support beams. 

  • Lighting integration 

Have creative lighting solutions you want to add to your space? Boxed beams' hollow nature allows you to incorporate ambient or accent lighting within the beams for a dramatic effect.

  • Lightweight

Boxed beams are significantly lighter than solid beams, making them the ideal choice for adding beauty and strength to structures that cannot support the weight of solid beams. Their lightweight nature also makes installation easier. 

Why are boxed beams more expensive than solid beams?

The fabrication of boxed beams is complex and requires extensive labor and a high level of craftsmanship, making them generally more expensive than solid beams. 

The process involves selecting each lumber piece by hand, precise planning, sizing, and milling along the edges to create 45° angles. The milled pieces are assembled using finish nails and glues and clamped together until the glue sets. 

Wood putty is applied to hide seams, and the sanding process follows for a smooth, flawless surface. Boxed beams also undergo staining and two applications of protective top coats for a durable and attractive finish. On the other hand, solid beams require minimal finishing and no assembly, resulting in lower material and labor costs. 

Which wood species can be used for boxed beams? 

At Atlanta Specialty Woods, we fabricate boxed beams from various wood species, each offering unique features that suit different structural and aesthetical requirements. Whether you want the stunning visual appeal of new hardwood like white oak, the eco-friendly option of reclaimed wood, or rough-sawn softwood, you can select the wood species of your choice to create the perfect boxed beam for your project. 

Get hand-crafted boxed beams just the way you imagined

Add aesthetic elegance and structural robustness to your home or office with boxed beams from Atlanta Specialty Woods. 

Our expert craftsmen can custom-fabricate boxed beams that blend harmoniously with the unique ambience of your space while being indistinguishable from solid wood to the naked eye. From material selection, fabrication, delivery, installation, and cleaning up the job site, work with us for all your needs for guaranteed superior quality and service from start to finish. Request a quote today.


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