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Stunning Cypress Beams

We can bring your vision to life with reclaimed wood.

Are you interested in Cypress beams for your home or business? At Atlanta Speciality Woods, we have years of experience producing stunning beams. Wood beams create an open environment, which is welcoming to all. Cypress beams add a clean, modern look. Cypress contains cypressine, natural oil that protects it from mold, mildew, insects, and rot. Those properties also make it a superior product for outdoor applications like exposed timbers, pool houses, trellis, porch timbers, and more. Our craftsmen give your wood beams a custom finish for superior beauty. You can also entrust in our team to deliver and install your Cypress beam precisely as you want it. 
At Atlanta Specialty Woods, you can work with one company for all of your specialty wood beam needs. Contact Atlanta Specialty Woods in Kennesaw, GA, today for more information on our Cypress beams. 


Our mantels come in a stunning array of species, finishes, and textures.  Here are just a few:

With over ten years in business, we are committed to unmatched service and quality craftsmanship with every project we take on. For more information on our Mantels from Reclaimed Wood, contact Atlanta Woods today.

Georgia Cypress Mantel

Every client is different, just like our products, so we also offer mantels from newer wood products like cypress and white pine to give a solid timber look without the obvious signs of age. 

Our selection is unmatched and our inventory is constantly changing. 


Call or stop by to see what's in stock!


We’re promoting social and physical distancing in our store, which includes limiting the number of customers inside at any given time.  


We will limit the number of customers inside the gates to 4 at a time.  Please be patient and respect this temporary change to our operating hours.  Thank you!

Please Call  770-710-8966 to notify the staff when you are at the gate.

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