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Reclaimed Beams Made From Reclaimed Wood in Atlanta

We can bring your vision to life with reclaimed wood.

At Atlanta Woods, we are passionate about including stunning Reclaimed Beams in modern architecture. If you're looking to renovate your home, our full-service company can help you pick out the ideal selection to bring your ideas to fruition. We custom fabricate and finish your beam in our shop and will work with you throughout the entirety of the project. For more information on our Reclaimed Beams, call Atlanta Woods today. 

Reclaimed Beams

Our mantels come in a stunning array of species, finishes, and textures.  Here are just a few:

With over ten years in business, we are committed to unmatched service and quality craftsmanship with every project we take on. For more information on our Mantels from Reclaimed Wood, contact Atlanta Woods today.

Georgia Cypress Mantel

Every client is different, just like our products, so we also offer mantels from newer wood products like cypress and white pine to give a solid timber look without the obvious signs of age. 

Our selection is unmatched and our inventory is constantly changing. 


Call or stop by to see what's in stock!

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